I can help you



I have successfully worked with addicts and alcoholics in one to one counselling, however  at times clients want simply to know the best treatment facility for them and to have guidance and knowledge of how to get into these treatment facilities. Sometimes a facility may tell you that they don’t take duel diagnosis clients, clients on “depot shots”, specific mental health patients or clients with a certain criminal history.  They might ask you to get particular paperwork finished, attend a detox program first or attend a “Q & A” session first.

I can help you prepare for each of these scenarios.

From my years working in these treatment settings I can help you save money and time by guiding you around the obstacles.  Some people I see feel like they want to give up trying to get into treatment because the “hurdles” can at times be many. There can be long waiting lists in Victoria for treatment too at the moment. The specific requirements of each facility are necessary so they can be sure they have the right resources and staff for the client but it can be distressing and frustrating for the person who just wants to get well.

We might schedule just several sessions together so that we can 1) identify the most suitable treatment facility for you, 2) Work to complete any paperwork and attend to other requirements, 3) Arrange the most suitable detox unit either in Melbourne or in Sydney that suits your needs and 4) work together to prepare you for entry into your chosen facility so that you are not just “killing time” until you start treatment or so that you are not putting yourself at risk prior to getting into treatment through drug or alcohol use.

I can help you