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  • Do you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction and you havent got a clue where to start to get them help?
  • Have you tried finding help or the right treatment center yourself and lost time and money while your loved one is still trapped in addiction?
  • Are you about to hand over thousands of dollars for something that you have seen on the internet but are not sure if it is legitimate or will work?
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“Addiction as a Creative Adjustment”

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A term that is often used in Gestalt therapy literature is “creative adjustment.” “This term refers to an individual’s way…
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I am wondering if Robin William's died from the condition Australian cartoonist, Michael Leunig calls "Lifeache." People go through life…
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Therapeutic Community, Rehab or Detox?

Most people don't understand drug addiction treatment centres at all. there is a difference between a detox, a 28 day…
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Abstinence is not a dirty word

What I am often hearing in mainstream discussion is how unappealing the idea of total abstinence is to a person…
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